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Consumer Edition Vol. 1
How old do I have to be to buy hemp from The Botanical Joint?
You must be the age of 21 to purchase from The Botanical Joint at this time until further research is presented.
Are your products sustainable?
Yes, they sure are.  We source all of our packaging from companies in the US.  Our packing is 100% reuse-able.
Do you grow you own flower?
All of our flower is grown from seed to table, through eco-friendly farming practices.   The Botanical Joint works within multiple operations under shared moral & ethical codes promoting leadership, teamwork, innovation, community outreach within our youth communities in Oregon.  
Do you make your own products?
All of our products are made in house.  
What is the average processing time for my order to be shipped?
Dependent on the size of the order & time of year, we guarantee 3-7 days.
How long will it take once it is shipped?
We always provide free shipping that takes 2-5 days.
Do we offer returns?
We offer 100% returns.  Contact us and we will get you a return label.  Return will be processed once received.  If you are dissatisfied with anything ever, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Owner Sue: thebotanicaljoint@gmail.com or call/text (503) 688-3149,  Monday-Friday PST 9-5 and Saturday-Sunday PST 10-2.  
Oh no, product damaged on arrival or went missing?
No worries, we will make it right.  Contact Sue information above.
My package shows that it’s in possession of USPS?
When we drop our packages off, it will show that message on your tracking because we pre-pay for shipping before we package the order.  Do not worry, this is normal. 
Can you leave us a review?
Sure!  If you loved us, leave us a review wherever you please.  
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