About Ranchera Familia

About Ranchera Familia

We are a licensed hemp and herb farm located in Fresno County, California.  Focused on producing natural affordable products for the community from traditional botanical flowers and plants curated intentionally in tandem with the people, animals, and the environment in mind.  We encourage the utilization of natural medicines: plants as a part of our individual supplemental needs to potentially help benefit one's overall health and wellness. 

Ranchera Familia offers a wide variety of hand-crafted artisanal hemp and wellness products.  We have a selection of boutique grown CBD flowers and pre-rolls available that are cultivated and created in house.  Our hemp starts from hand planted seeds of our very own genetics.  Every step of our process includes hands-on work, to ensure the most delicate relationship between us and the plants.  From plant checks every morning, to weekly maintenance, our girls are cared for at every detail.  Harvest happens twice a year for us outdoors in Spring and in the Fall.  Our curing process includes a slow drying time with minimum humidity and proper intake and outtake air conditions.  Once the flower is ready we go into trimming by hand to showcase the beautiful structure,trichomes and appearance.  Our jars are packaged individually including humidity packs for ultimate freshness.  

Ranchera Familia was founded by Sue Surabian, a third generation Latina farmer.  Sue is an integrated business expert for marijuana and industrial hemp companies with almost a decade worth of experience creating award-winning edibles, growing for recreational marijuana farms and consulting on hemp start-ups with expertise ranging from licensing, to workplace flows, product selection, and product development.  Her background encompasses a Master’s of Science degree in Community Health, a minor within Women’s studies and traditional Native American medicine with an acute knowledge of plants and herbs.  Ranchera Familia roots lie within agriculture and health which sparked the creation of our boutique micro farm in California. Additionally, Sue’s personal tie to using cannabis for her autoimmune disorders has been a driving force in her looking to expand .  

Our goal at Ranchera Familia is to create a company that promotes all aspects of health, one that encompasses the idea that your health consists of your nutrition, environment, accessibility to healthcare, access to education, social & class status, genetics and other social determinant factors that affect one’s health.  By coming to terms with the belief that your health can be potentially optimized when one’s social determinants are in favor of positive health outcomes we can meet our customers' needs right where they are at in life.  Our product and brand encourage community health by offering high-end quality hemp goods made affordably to meet anyone's needs.   


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